International Wines Lovers Club of Curitiba

You will find in this site all the tastes and the history of  the IWLCC created in 2007 with international members from differents country of the world.

To share with us the discovery of the finest wines of the world and the fraternity of our group without any border.

Historicals members

    Serge Van Wick (President by acclamation, Belge)

    Fabien Dupuy (Our wine specialist, French)

    Guilherme Mendes (1st brasielian member)

    Alexandre Reich(Wine profesional consumer, Austria)

    Edmundo (Our Wine Saler, Brasilian)

    Christian Arnould (French)

New comers (all new comers are welcome)



We decided in this first meeting the reglementation of the club and don’t decided any thing more...